Professional Activities

Since 1978 she has conducted professional activities within the Group’s family business active in the development sector, as well as in the enhancement of real estate, being mainly responsible for the External Relations at an international level, and with a specific business expansion in the French territory.

As from 1999, in addition to the External Relations, she has also become responsible for the restoration and redevelopment of important real estate assets of Sorgente Group. In particular, she has followed the supervision of the complex requalification project of prestigious buildings, including the historical building in Rome at 132 Via del Tritone and the traditional Castello di Roviano. In these projects, she directed the coating in marble, the finishing works and the internal furnishings. She has also contributed to enhancing and promoting the artistic and cultural features of the Galleria Colonna in Rome.

In the context of real estate development projects, she has also notably contributed to the components of interior design, employing her knowledge and experience in scenography.

She is Vice President of Fondazione Sorgente Group, constituted in 2007 as a non-profit organization and entirely financed by Sorgente Group, with the aim of enhancing, promoting and divulging all the cultural and artistic expressions pertaining to our cultural patrimony, at both national and international level. Fondazione Sorgente Group further undertakes to acquire works of art, in particular antique paintings and archaeological masterpieces of Greek and Roman origin, with the objective of intensifying their studies, contributing to the restoration, whilst ensuring an improved conservation of the same, as well as to promote the enjoyment thereof (

As Vice President of the Foundation, she has been dedicated in particular to the choice and the acquisition of artistic works and ancient sculptures, identifying on the antiques market seven canvases by Guercino and five canvases attributed to Guido Reni. She has also selected a bronze mask of Papposilenus of the first half of the first century B.C., as well as the marble portrait of Marcellus dated 20 B.C., the biggest representation to date, and a statue of Athena Nike of the second half of the fifth century B.C., masterpieces today forming part of the collection belonging to the Foundation.