Tritone Exhibition Space
Via del Tritone 132, Roma

From the building’s spacious lobby lined with golden yellow and black marble, the typical colours of the Liberty style, one enters the Tritone Exhibition Space, opening the armour plated door as if to step into a treasure chamber.

The artworks stand out against a dark background created with special attention to every detail concerning the materials, the subtle shades of colour and the lighting, a perfect showcase for the artworks. And although the setting is characterized by apparently neutral dark colours, which best offset the works on show the room is still bright and even sparkles, thanks to the contrast between the exposed walls with their rusty-brown hue, the shimmering black resin floors on different levels with their iron-rimmed steps delineated by LED lighting, and glass balustrades to avoid creating any visual balustrades. This seemingly open space is thus subdivided into separate sections that are easy to arrange, in which visitors may stop and admire one work after another at their leisure. The room is also equipped with a stereo and video system featuring a large plasma screen that allows for interaction between a range of sensory elements that heightens the viewing experience.

The versatile design of this exhibition space makes it well-suited for the wide range of events and shows that Fondazione Sorgente Group is keen to host.

The original structure of the ceiling, with its characteristic brick vaulting and horizontal iron beams, has been exposed along with the rusted beams that have been given a wax coating; they were formerly concealed by a dropped ceiling with a cane structure. Part of the large perpendicular beam which supports the entire ceiling has also been left visible. The decision to retain and expose these structural elements preserves the connection between the exhibition space and its original context, so redolent of a specific historical period and building style.

Thanks to this new exhibition space, the Foundation will be able to actively promote its art collections, exhibiting its works of art and organizing a variety of cultural events and temporary exhibitions devoted to a variety of themes.

Photos of the Tritone Exhibition Space: